Thanks to the internet, there are resources everywhere for everything. Here are a few of our favorites related to hearing loss.

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Acclimating to Deaf Culture as a Hearing Family with a Deaf Child

Odds & Ends

This paper, written by Amanda Cooper, does a great job diving into the various aspects of raising a deaf child as a hearing parent.

Starkey Hearing Loss Simulator

Odds & Ends

Communication Corner


Cochlear’s website has an awesome section with various programs catered to your child’s age.

Hear Soundly by Blake Anthony


Blake writes about his own hearing loss, while also featuring interviews from various others (including us!)

Signs Of Hearing Loss In Babies and What to Do Next

Odds & Ends

MN Hands & Voices


MN Hands & Voices offers services and support for families with deaf or hard of hearing children.



Lifetrack is a Minnesota specific resource and offers a Deaf Mentor Program.

Sign It! via My Deaf Child

American Sign Language

You have to apply for this ASL program, but it’s an easy process and better yet, it’s free! The courses are a bit cheesy, but memorable.

Welcome to Holland Poem

Odds & Ends

A friend sent me this early on in our journey and I literally couldn’t even finish reading it the first time I tried. It still makes me cry every single time. It’s beautiful and so true.

Listen with Lindsay


Lindsay is a pediatric audiologist and blogger who runs a super informative Instagram page

Hear for It by Christy Keane


This site hasn’t launched yet, but it’s created by Christy Keane, who runs an amazing Instagram page

My Battle Call by Valli Gideons


Valli is a mother to two children, both teens, with cochlear implants and literally everything she writes speaks to me. She has some great insight and advice. 

Adults and Children with Waardenburg Syndrome

Since Waardenburg is so rare, it can be tough to connect with others with the same diagnosis. This group offers a way to do just that. 

Support Group for Parents of Kids with Hearing Loss

This group has more than 5,000 members and is a great place to ask questions and get answers from those who have been there. 

An ABC of Equality


This one hits on way more than just hearing loss, but I love it and it’s worth mentioning if teaching inclusion and equality is a priority.

Just Ask! Be Brave, Be Different, Be You


This book covers various ways that our kiddos are different. 

Baby Sign Language Made Easy


Learning ASL can be intimidating. This book breaks it down to basics when it comes to introducing your baby to signs. 

Switched at Birth

American Sign Language

While the purpose of this show isn’t to teach ASL, you still pick up a good amount through the five seasons. It also offers some great insight into the Deaf community. 

The ASL App

American Sign Language

This app offers some free and some paid content, and was created by deaf adults. It’s nice to be able to just pull up on your phone and study anywhere. 

Start ASL

American Sign Language

This site offers various ASL courses for those at all levels and allows you to work at your own pace. It requires a paid membership, but is pretty affordable. 

All Ears at Child’s Voice


This podcast is packed with information from both experts and families. It covers every aspect of hearing loss as it pertains to kids. 

Powering Potential by Hearing First


I discovered this podcast very soon after Coop’s diagnosis and it was a lifesaver. It moved me to tears numerous times to hear other family’s stories and to really know we weren’t alone. 

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