One little boy's journey through sign language and speech

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In October 2019, our son Cooper was diagnosed with full sensorineural hearing loss in both ears as a result of Waardenburg Syndrome. After an array of emotions and lots of processing, we decided to share Cooper's journey in hopes of educating others about hearing loss and offering hope to those in the same situation.

We know it's scary to walk this road, especially at the beginning. As new parents, we found comfort in other's sharing their stories of hearing loss and children. Because of that, we wanted to do that for someone else who is on this same path. We're here to share the good, the bad, the difficult, the rewarding — all of it.

Hello, Holland

The path to embracing your child's hearing loss


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An End To The Waiting Game

I have been holding my breath since January and finally, I can let it out. If I'm being really honest, I've been holding my breath since we learned of Cooper's...

All The In Between

It's been a minute since I've sat down to write an actual blog post about what's on my heart. If you're not a parent of a child with hearing loss,...

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"Parenthood is about raising and celebrating the child you have, not the child you thought you'd have. It's about understanding your child is exactly the person they are supposed to be. And, if you're lucky, they might be the teacher who turns you into the person you're supposed to be."

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