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An End To The Waiting Game

I have been holding my breath since January and finally, I can let it out. If I'm being really honest, I've been holding my breath since we learned of Cooper's...

All The In Between

It's been a minute since I've sat down to write an actual blog post about what's on my heart. If you're not a parent of a child with hearing loss,...

Merch Now Available!

Who doesn't love cute, inclusive apparel? Check out our new merch shop for a little bit of everything.

Hello, Holland Now Available

I'm happy and proud to announce that the book documenting our journey is now available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon! If finances are an issue, please reach out and...

How To Organize Your Child’s Hearing Loss Information

When it comes to a hearing loss diagnosis, there is an overwhelming amount of information that accompanies it, both in the immediate days of the diagnosis and in the years...

Why We Chose Cochlear Implants

When we were first told our son Cooper was profoundly deaf, we were presented with an overwhelming amount of information, including the various options for long-term communication.  As any parent...

Hello, Holland: The path to embracing your child’s hearing loss

I've always known I had a book in me somewhere, but that it would take the right life event to push me into writing it. And maybe "book" is a...

Raising Your Child To Be Comfortable With Hearing Loss

Soon after finding out about our son Cooper’s profound hearing loss, I began thinking about how my husband and I could raise him to be proud of who he is...

How To Talk About Your Child’s Hearing Loss Diagnosis

When we first got the diagnosis that our son is profoundly deaf, the idea of saying those words aloud felt impossible. After our appointment, I couldn’t even call my family....
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