As Mother’s Day approaches, mothers are likely feeling grateful for their kiddos and reflecting on the past year.

It’s no secret that being a mom comes with challenges on its own. But as three mothers learned this past year, being a mother of a child with hearing loss presents a whole other set of obstacles and victories.

These are their stories.

The diagnosis 

Being a new mom is accompanied by a plethora of emotions. Adding a hearing loss diagnosis on top of those can be especially draining and emotional. Accepting your child’s diagnosis can take time to work through, and that’s perfectly normal. 

Kaila LaBonte, a first-time mom from Wisconsin, found the month prior to her daughter Harper’s diagnosis to be the most difficult. Harper was officially diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss at two months. 

“Watching her fail multiple hearing tests and the lack of control you have as her parents was heartbreaking and overwhelming,” Kaila says. “By the time her ABR was scheduled, my mamma heart already knew the results. We actually walked out of the appointment with her diagnosis happy and relieved.”