When I first started looking for Christmas gifts for Coop, I didn’t quite realize it was going to make his diagnosis hit me all over again. So many baby toys are focused on noise, which is understandable. But when it came to gifts for Coop, I wanted to make sure they were either educational or stimulating in a way he could process. Here are a few of my favorite toy ideas for kiddos with profound hearing loss, or even just super visual kids. 

Note: There is a gallery at the end of this post with photos of each of the items!

1. Baby Loves The Five Senses: Hearing

When a mama friend of another little one with hearing loss shared this book, I knew we had to have it! It’s a pretty neat book, as it explains what sounds is and how the ears process it in terms that kiddos can understand. I love that it includes explanations of hearing aids and cochlear implants so Coop knows he’s not alone.

Here’s the link.

2. The Baby Einstein Soother

I hadn’t come across this one on my own, but a relative got it for Coop and it’s fantastic. While it does play music, it also has a white noise setting which is less distracting. It glows blue with little sea characters that move, as well as has the appearance of water ripples. Coop has been mesmerized by in, both in the dark and in daylight. Once he is in his crib, it will be a great addition. But for now he just likes to watch it next to him on the floor. 

Here’s the link.

3. Brica Firefly Car Mirror

In the past few weeks, Cooper really hasn’t liked being in his carseat in the dark. I think it has to do with not being able to see, which he relies on so much. My cousin had mentioned that light up mirrors existed, so I did some Googling and came across this one. I don’t actually use it as a mirror to see him, as it’s not the clearest. But I just prop it up by his feet against the seat and he loves it. The best part? It comes with a remote that clips onto your visor and it’s not distracting as a driver!

Here’s the link.

4. Linkimals Lights & Colors Llama

He’s not quite old enough for this one yet, but I love that it helps develop fine motor skills and also lights up. Plus, once he has his implants, my hope is that he will enjoy the musical aspect as well. I feel like every kid I’ve ever known has had some variation of stacking rings, so I’m happy to have found these ones!

Here’s the link.

Bonus gift: Hear Like Me Doll

So we don’t have this yet, but I plan to get Coop one of these next year! They offer a wide array of accessories for kids with hearing loss, including hearing aids and cochlear implants. I think it will be great for Cooper to see that there are toys that exist that look like he does. I want to normalize his implants as much as possible for him. 

Here’s the link.